NTUC U SME Branch Officials


SME Companies and NTUC are committed to build strong employee-management relationships and partner each other in enhancing employees’ well-being and strengthening business competitiveness.


Branch Official(s) are jointly nominated by your company and NTUC as part of your career development to take on greater responsibilities to lead and strive for the mutual interests of the Company and the employees. As Branch Official(s), you will be supported by the Account Manager of NTUC’s U SME Unit.


A Branch Official serves as the first point of contact between NTUC U SME and their fellow employees. These individuals to promote welfare and well-being of workers; surface employment issues to the Company for resolution and consult NTUC for advice; facilitate interaction between employees and management to complement the existing communication and feedback channels; and support membership growth, programmes and disseminating information to the workers.


The Branch Official(s) may also be nominated to attend leadership courses provided by NTUC, as part of their career and competency development plan to better serve the Company and its employees. The NTUC will put forth to the Company its requests for the Branch Official(s) to attend such courses. The granting of leave for such courses will be subjected to work exigencies and the approval of the Company.


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