Advancing to a Better Future

​​​​​​​​​​With the launch of 23 Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs), Singapore enters the next phase of its economic transformation to position itself as a regional and international leader of technology, innovation and enterprise. While companies need to transform, they should assess if the technological solutions available are suitable and appropriate to be adopted, and have workers who are familiar with operational processes and display exemplary conduct to champion these transformations. 

NTUC Secretary-General Chan Chun Sing​ shared this with some 60 U SME Partners at the dialogue session during the Learning Journey to NEC Laboratories Singapore​ on 20 April 2018. 

He further re-emphasised the critical priority for SMEs to innovate, and to align themselves with their respective ITMs so as to advance the nation's economic transformation and remain globally competitive in today's volatile and ambiguous business landscape. 

​Mr Chan signs the digital plaque to commemorate his visit, with Mr Tetsuro Akagi (CEO, NEC Asia) as witness. 

​NLS' Smart Command Centre for Public Safety is an integrated security platform capable of correlating incidents and track suspicious persons and their activities within the vicinity. NLS' Smart Command Centre For Public Transport can accurately predict magnitude of service disruptions, and propose recovery measures to reduce impact of disruptions. 

Mr Chan deep in discussion with Mr Tetsuro Akagi (right) and Mr Mervyn Cheah, Head of NEC Laboratories Singapore (left) on the Smart Command Centres. 

Artificial Intelligence at work: NEC representative presents a live demonstration of various AI applications. 

Question from the ground: Mr Chan confirmed that there is funding support available for foreign workers to undergo training. Aside from offering development opportunities for foreign workers, employers also need help their workers assimiliate into the local communities as well. 

From left: Mr Christopher Lum (Deputy Head, NLS), Ms Vivian Tay (SVP, NEC Singapore), Mr Mervyn Cheah (Head, NLS), Mr Chan Chun Sing, Mr Tetsuro Akagi (CEO, NEC Asia), Ms Catherine Cho (Deputy Director, Membership and U SME, NTUC) and Ms Michelle Lee (Manager, NTUC U SME)

1st row from left: Mr Jason Teo (General Manager, Zomwork), Ms Susan Chong (Chairman, Enterprise 50 Association), Mr Mervyn Cheah (Head, NLS), Mr Tetsuro Akagi (CEO, NEC Asia), Mr Chan Chun Sing, Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, Ms Vivian Tay (SVP, NEC Singapore), Mr Anthony Staltari (Head of Partner, Xero), Mr Debarun Roy Choudhury (Business Banking, UOB). ​